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Elizabeth Bennet with Darcy Welcome To Our Web Page
The purpose of which is for Jane Austen and a widely-published academic author to supply answers to any questions that you may have concerning Jane and her novels. Any questions which you have are welcome whether at the level of general or special academic interest.
Dr Edward Neill 1941-2009

It is with great sadness that I must announce that JAYQA is no longer active,
due to the death of Dr Edward Neill, my father, in April this year from cancer.

I've decided to leave the website largely unchanged beyond this notice.
If you're looking for info relating to Austen, please note that with 141 questions answered,
it's quite likely something relating to your question is here so check the Answer Pages.

The site was set up in 2002 by myself so that the answers and reviews could be supplied by my father,
in order to open up the world of Jane Austen to more people, and generate a modest amount of money
in the process from ads and commisions on book sales. This appears to have been successful,
and I'd like to think the degree of satisfaction of those who read the answers
was second only to the modesty of the money generated.

My father was a well-known critic and author. There were obituaries published in The Guardian and The Independent,
the former more personal and the latter concentrating on his work:

Guardian Obituary
Independent Obituary

Rest In Peace, Dad

Greg Neill
June 2009

Links to his books:

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The Author Adds...
There is also a Book Review section (not written by Jane) which will give you some idea of whether a book is interesting and on which aspects of Jane's life and work. There are also comments on some academic articles.

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