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Answer page 15

Question 50 I have to compare Pride and Prejudice and Emma at A level. Essay title: "a critic commented about P & P that there seems to be an impulse on the part of the narrator to tease the reader. Compare and contrast responses invited by the narrators of Emma and P & P".
Question 49 Could you give me some ideas on a good thesis statement about Jane Austen?  What sets her apart from other authors?
Question 48 Is there of any Jane Austen's personal life that is reflected in Pride and Prejudice?

Answer page 14

Question 47 I am having a terrible time locating information about Jane Austen's political views, her stance on communism and the working class.
Question 46 I want to ask who do you think is the typical gothic heroine in Northanger Abbey? Is it Eleanor Tilney, Catherine Moorland or Isabella Thorpe?
Question 45 References to eyes in Pride and Prejudice [&] the significance of letter-writing

Answer page 13

Question 44 I need to write a research paper on Austen's P and P, yet I'm having trouble formulating a thesis -perhaps that the biggest theme in P and P is the critque of the snobbery of the upper class? Is this a good thesis?
Question 43 How does wealth or lack of wealth affect the characters in Sense and Sensibility?
Question 42 What is the style of writing in Jane Austen's Emma?

Answer page 12
Question 41 This may sound a silly question but can you find out if there are spiders mentioned anywhere in any of Jane Austen's novels?
Question 40 Was Jane Austen a feminist?
Question 39 I am preparing a talk on weddings in Jane Austen's time My questions are: what was eaten? who was invited?  what was worn?  Any other related comments or referals?
Question 38 Why is Emma the heroine of the novel, and in what ways is she different from other heroines from the same period?

Answer page 11
Question 37 I have to research the critical views or criticisms of Persuasion for my English class either on how it was received when it was first published or how it is viewed in the world today.
Question 36 Northanger Abbey, The Mysteries of Udolpho and the gothic novel
Question 35 What would be a good thesis statement for a research paper on Emma? It has to be arguable and researchable.
Question 34 When was Lady Susan published? Could Thackeray have read it & based Becky Sharp on Lady Susan?

Answer page 10
Question 33 I have decided to do my project about Jane Austen's life on her 1802-3 stay in Lyme becuse of her love affair with a man who died time after she broke the engagement since it is said Persuasion is based on this.
Question 32 I am having trouble identifying the theme of Mansfield Park.  Can you help?
Question 31 In the BBC Persuasion adaptation 1995 there was an Aria sung by Rosa Mannion in Italian do you know who it is by?
Question 30 "Novelists seek above all to describe their own society." To what extent is this true for Pride and Prejudice?

Answer page 9
Question 29 Could you please tell me where I can get a sight of the Austen Family tree prior to Jane?
Question 28 In the Pr. & Pr. story letters seem to be delivered pretty quickly considering circumstances. Was speed only for the well-to-do? And at what price?
Question 27 I must find absolutely correct answers to 1. what genre of literature Jane Austen was known for, 2. and what genre(s) Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice are. Are they satires? or romances?
Question 26 I am writing my essay on mothers -certainly Mrs Bennet [...] I have payed attention to biography of your mother [...] is Mrs Bennet really bad? [...] I definitely wish to compare her to another mother.

Answer page 8
Question 25 I am to write an essay describing the general characteristics of C19th novels, compared with C18th novels and with reference to the importance of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and George Elliot.
Question 24 The roles of men and women during Jane Austen's period
Question 23 Did events in Austen's life affect her writing of Emma?

Answer page 7
Question 22 I have been asked to write an essay on how you redifine the role of women in Pride and Prejudice but nevertheless you endorse a continuance of the status quo - a patriarchy?
Question 21 I need some information about love's theme in Jane Austen because I have to do a comparison with Chinese literature and in particular this question.
Question 20 I have to do an essay comparing three novels of Jane Austen. I was wondering what themes and philosophies of Jane Austen appear in each of her novels.

Answer page 6
Question 19 'pictures' of Emma. Especially on 1 the role and position of women in society 2 The social hierachy and structure of Highbury 3 Emma as a heroine.
Question 18 How can I find out how valuable a Jane Austen book of mine is?
Question 17 I am learning about Pride and Prejudice, but my teacher is not very good and I don't even have my own book. Please could you tell me what the book is talking about? Even just what the plot is?

Answer page 5
Question 16 Do you have any special insights into the romance between Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth in Persuasion which I should include in my English paper on the topic?
Question 15 I am researching Jane Austen and we have to find out about position of women in her time, important events of her life, and her inspiration!
Question 14 We are reading Antonia Frasier's biography of Marie Antoinette. Are there any family connections or letters, diary entries, etc (other than cousin Elizabeth's marriage) that would work as a tie-in?
Question 13 A report on Jane Austen from the point of view of one of her friends.

Answer page 4
Question 12 My English Class is holding a Jane Austen banquet, and I'm in the music committee. What sort of music/composers did Jane like? Did she own records/phonograph?
Question 11 In Emma what are the names of the key houses and their inhabitants? What are the details of class and status for all the major characters? What is the basic plot including finally who marries whom?
Question 10 How can Anna Chancellor possibly be your Great Niece as suggested in the BBC's "The Real Jane Austen"?
Question 9 Could you give me some information on the music of your era and how it related to your society?

Answer page 3
Question 8b Could you recommend any good books or websites for further research into narration in Mansfield Park?
Question 8 What is the role of the narrator in Mansfield Park?
Question 7b What would you recommend as a thesis for research in to Jane Austen? Perhaps on how she was a feminist? (continued)

Answer page 2
Question 7 What would you recommend as a thesis for research in to Jane Austen? Perhaps on how she was a feminist?
Question 6 Where can I find information on cultural criticism of your novels?
Question 5 What was it that you died from?

Answer page 1
Question 4 What inspired you to write Pride and Prejudice?
Question 3 Why does it appear that the mothers within your novels are either “good” and dead or “bad” and alive?
Question 2 What role does the concept of "rank" play in your novels? Is it the same as that of "class"
Question 1 Which of your heroines did you personally admire most?

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